4:37PM May 17 2012

Lets get physical – the rise of mobile fitness apps

New Year may now be but a distant memory, but it seems that despite the long-gone healthy resolutions, fitness awareness – particularly in the world of mobile applications, is still on the increase.

According to a recent report by HighTable, the sports, fitness and wellness mobile app market is on course to quadruple in size – once worth $12 million in 2010, the market is predicted to increase to a huge $40 million in 2016. From fitness, to running, to nutrition to sleep – the amount and depth of pocket friendly fitness aids on the market has never been as profitable nor as vast.

So who are the companies currently leading the way to wellness?

User friendly running applications such as Nike + GPS and RunKeeper, have proved highly successful amongst both serious and casual runners alike. The GPS capabilities and the social plugins to showcase your efforts has greatly attributed to the apps’ success (who doesn’t want to show off their 6am jog?)

Nexercise and Nike Training Club, focussed more on training elements of fitness, give users access to a world of workouts, tips, training routines and even access to celebrity fitness trainers. Play with friends, unlock new workouts and even earn rewards.

Remember the old saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ – healthy eating applications are no exception to the rule. Fooducate is an app that cleverly allows its user to scan the barcodes of food products whilst shopping to discover their nutritional value. Whereas My Fitness Pal allows users to search and track the calorie and nutrition of almost any food – whilst tracking their daily exercise calorie output and weight loss progress. The clever little app also tallies up your daily intake of food, letting you know where you may be missing vital nutrients or overindulging.

And it appears that despite our occasional square eyes, us social folk enjoy a good techy workout too – of a survey of 500 social media workers, market research firm Lab42 found that 51% of us are using smartphones during our workouts, whether for tracking  pace (43%) or checking email (33%). 75% of us enjoy sharing our progress with social media also (naturally), with Facebook proving the most popular platform!

So if you’re looking to get bikini-body fit, beat your personal best or introduce more Vitamin D into your diet, why not take a look at the ever-expanding fitness market for a little digital aid.

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