3:47PM November 8 2012

COD: Countdown and Care Packages

In the few weeks leading up to the Call of Duty games launch, we produce upwards of 1000 ad placements. The Flash developers, Designers and the Activision Producer team are pushed to the limit, working crazy hours to ensure the ads go live on time, and in the right place.

Morale is the glue that holds the three teams together (boosted by some late night fast food) but this year, Flash Developer Alec took things a step further. On Monday morning (with 181 hours to go) Alec sent an email, defining the teams and the task at hand.

Monday afternoon we received the first ‘Care Package’. For the uninitiated, care packages are a typical element of online gameplay. Players can call one in to help out the team. They can be anything from more ammo to an airstrike. Ours was filled with Hobnobs and oranges. No scurvy in this team.

Wednesday lunchtime saw the care package refilled by an anonymous Allie. American fiery hot crisps and Oreos were the weapons of choice.

With launch day now in sight, we await the next care package. We’re holding out for Jaffa Cakes.

Private Alex Jacobs
‘The interpreter’

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