12:15PM November 13 2012

Fans play Black Ops II on Twitter

The latest installation of Call of Duty launched at midnight. We’ve been working with publisher Activision on Black Ops II pre-launch activity for a few months, from a livestreamed multiplayer launch to online media activity across Europe.

Apart from being set in the future, the game has a few new features that we wanted to let fans to know about, so we launched a game on Twitter last week to demonstrate what’s new. Yes, we created a game to tell everyone more about a game.

Black Ops II is different from its predecessors. Not only is it set in the future, but the game develops depending on each player’s actions, not a pre-determined narrative. Each player creates his or her own story and unique events based on choices made along the way.

To demonstrate this on Twitter, we went back to our collective, pre-digital childhood and remembered those great ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. We created a low tech, game that sends fans off on a Black Ops II-style mission.

Succeed and you get to enter a competition to win a special ‘Hardened’ edition of the game or tickets to the UK launch party. Make an unwise decision, however, and you are sent back to the start. The game was live from 10am-5pm GMT last Wednesday (7 Nov).

We worked closely with Activision to make sure Twitter players got a true ‘Call of Duty’ experience in every tweet. Players encountered enemies with cloaking devices, hacked into gun turrets and could use new technology such as EMP grenades.

The competition was live for a short burst of time, but  gained a very positive reaction, with lots of multiple playthroughs as fans tried out different choices.  The game will be up for a little while longer, so head over to @PlayBo2Mission to have a go (just no prizes any more). Good luck, soldier. [UPDATE: The game is no longer available to play on Twitter.]

Black Ops II is released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC today.


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