3:16PM November 30 2012


Do you remember the Christmas when you wanted one toy more than anything in the world?

It could have been the Millennium Falcon, Big Trak, the Atari 2600 or the Sylvanian Families Hotel. Whatever it was, what really matters is that it wasn’t there!

Santa, the big cuddly friendly man, with the bushy white beard and the red suit who made children’s dreams come true, had done quite the opposite.

He had forgotten your present. And broken your heart.

Maybe you soldiered on and consoled yourself with an X-Wing Fighter or a Care Bear. Maybe you had accepted that Santa had done his best and had ‘lots of children to get presents for’ or maybe, even now, you still look back and wonder… where is that bloody Cabbage Patch Doll?

Well, now’s your chance to lay the ghost of Christmas disappointment to rest. Because we’ve built ourselves a time-machine powered by Ebay and we’re on a mission to make those long lost Christmas dreams come true.

All you have to do is go to SantaForgot to take part in our super nostalgic Christmas competition and make sure you follow #santaforgot on Twitter.

This Christmas, forget Santa and put your faith in Five by Five.  And just think, that Donkey Kong DK52 Game Watch could finally be yours.

UPDATE: The competition has now finished. Thanks to everyone who took part and we hope that Santa didn’t forget any of your dream presents this Christmas.

During the competition we even got a shout out on Wave 105.2 fm which you can listen to again below.

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