12:47PM January 21 2013

My first month at Five by Five

So, I’m approaching the end of my fifth week in Five by Five’s Community Influencer team and it’s a little overdue but here is my (delayed) experience as a new starter…

My previous role was working in a financial firm’s in-house marketing department, which I found quite restrictive in terms of creativity. I wanted to move to an agency to stretch myself across a range of different sectors; I think you get more out of a role when you’re tasked with different clients with different needs.

Since I started, I’ve been working on pretty varied projects compared to my previous role. I’m enjoying the ‘chop and change’ of working across a range of clients, all of which are from different sectors to one another. On an average day I might spend the morning contacting beauty bloggers to review products for The Body Shop, then update WestQuay’s social platforms with the latest store promotions and events, then onto creating a press release for CooperVision’s latest donation or charitable activity. It’s very varied and something’s always happening so there’s no chance of getting bored.

My favourite part of the job is the blogger outreach aspect, particularly when it’s for brands or products that I’m genuinely excited about. Getting coverage on a blog I personally follow is great, especially when it’s about a product I’m dying to try myself, or for a brand I love. It’s weird but cool when I’m at home, chilling on the sofa with my iPad, catching up with my favourite bloggers on Twitter and seeing them rave about a product I arranged to be sent to them.

So there you go, so far I’m loving it! Every day is different and I find I’m learning something new each day. Looking forward to getting stuck in and learning even more.

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