6:33PM January 22 2015

Top 10 Launches of 2015

We had some pretty incredible launches in 2014, however it’s that time again to be excited about bigger and better things to come. From unbelievable technology to films and fashion wear we have gathered a list of 2015 launches to get excited about!

‘Pay – by – Poker’ Restaurant launch in London
Last weekend in London, game operator PokerStars collaborated with restaurant Jones and Sons for a chance to win your meal. We think this idea is brilliant (if you know how to play!) and either way, even if you lost, your three-course gourmet meal was still at a discounted rate. Brilliant launch event.


Nike Back to the Future Shoes – Sometime 2015
October 21st 2015 – the date that Marty McFly and Doc travelled to in Back To The Future II. The race is on to launch the ‘products of the future’ dreamed up back in 1989. It looks like Nike are winning the race, having announced that they will be launching the most faithful replica Of Marty’s trainers yet – complete with self-tying power laces! https://vine.co/v/OpAQFQY5Wmt

Now we just need a hoverboard for the office. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSheVhmcYLA

MacBook Air Edge – To –Edge – Keyboard – Mid 2015
This new feature of the 12-inch MacBook Air is the most dramatic aesthetic difference along with the new body being much thinner than its 11 inch predecessor– if that’s possible! Even with all this Apple have still managed to make a slightly larger screen compared to the 11-inch model and combined all charging and USB facilities into one high tech Type-C port. It’s fair to say the new design hasn’t been universally welcomed online with disappointed Apple lovers calling the new MacBook ‘ugly!’


Spectre – 6th November 2015
Spectre, the twenty-fourth James Bond film, is sure to cause excitement across the globe – especially as Sam Smith is rumoured to be singing the official theme song. A guaranteed glossy premier launch.

Beyonce for Topshop – Autumn 2015
One to look out for this year is the new athletic street wear label at Topshop, designed and part-funded by Beyonce herself. Looking to launch in autumn this year this brand is bound to bring her millions of fans to spend thousands in the famous high street store.

LG Flexible TV – 2015
Having teased us at CES in 2014, LG promised to deliver in 2015 with their OLED designs; and they sure have. Their newest television model has the most remarkable picture quality and colour accuracy. What really makes this TV stand out is the ability to curve the screen with a touch of the remote (with a choice of flat also). Even though this will create unbelievable film viewing experiences we are still in suspense anticipating the massive cost to own one and how often you would need to curve a screen!?


Batman: Arkham Knight – 2nd June 2015
One of the most exciting launches this year is the new Batman game. Coming in June, Arkham Knight will be the most realistic Batman to date with the option to use Batman’s Batmobile for the first time ever. With online ratings of 5 stars already this game is set to be huge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini – August 2015
Samsung are set to release a mini version of the Galaxy S6. Speculation is mounting around the new specifications, but we are guessing an improved camera and hopefully the same memory as its big brother. In general all the same fun just at a much easier size.

Windows 10
Hopefully to be launched before the end of 2015, Windows 10 is promising to fix a lot of Windows 8 problems. Is this a little too late Windows? Promisingly, the new version is designed to work on all devices (smart phones, laptops, desktops and even XBOX!!).

Tesco Google Glass shopping app – Experimental Stages
In the future we may be able to do our Tesco shopping just by looking in our fridge and cupboards – crazy. Google glasses have been designing with Tesco to be able to scan their products and add to a basket for an online shop just by wearing the frames. We predict teething problems, but if this actually ends up working food shopping will never be the same again!

Rachel Gould
Marketing and New Business Coordinator 

2:56PM September 26 2014


We recently worked with Coty to launch their new fragrance, Katy Perry – Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution.

Have a little look below at some of the work, and then have a listen to this to get yourself in the mood for the weekend!


2:57PM September 18 2014

What’s the point of the Apple Watch?

Apple are the masters of product launches, we all know that. Every few years they redefine or even create a new category. But last week, something weird happened to me when they launched the Apple Watch. I really didn’t see the point of it. Now, I’m about as big an Apple fanboy as you can get. But, there was something about the Apple Watch that left me cold. So I went back and looked at other Apple product launches to see if I could identify an anomaly, and I did. And yes, there is a big charisma vacuum that used to be occupied by Steve Jobs, but it’s not just that. When you look back at how Apple has launched big products in the past, they always gave you a strong, compelling reason for the thing to exist. Whether that’s solving a problem we’ve all just put up with or dramatically enhancing our experience, or both. Here’s a whistle stop tour:

iPod – Why put up with your crappy discman when you can have 1,000 songs in your pocket?

iPhone – The smartest and easiest to use phone in the world. No fiddly buttons, just power at your fingertips.

iPad – Better than a phone or a laptop for browsing and looking at content.

Apple Watch – The most personal device we’ve ever invented.

Er, the most personal device we’ve ever invented? What does that mean? Then you get the usual Jony Ive narrated gadget porn video. But listening to him talk about the watch’s accuracy like they’ve split the bloody atom is hilarious. We cracked accurate time-keeping a long time ago Jony. But for me, the fatal flaw is that Apple have fallen in love with their own genius. It’s all about the tech and how clever they are but I have no idea why I’d want one. And there are probably some brilliant reasons why I should want one; the health sensors seem pretty cool and I can see how having something that can actually monitor my wellbeing would be handy. But other than that, it doesn’t do anything better than my phone. And I actually need my phone with me for the thing to work. And as for the watch bit of it, well I love watches and have a few. They’re a personal statement of taste. The Apple Watch isn’t striking or beautiful enough to compete with a traditional watch as a statement.

So, it’s not better than a phone for apps and it’s not better than a watch at being a watch.

For me, Apple haven’t communicated the reason this device should live in my world. They haven’t told me what problem it solves or how it’s dramatically better than something else, which they’ve always done before. I don’t know if this is a flaw in the product or the launch. And I’m pretty sure they’ll sell shedloads, at the beginning, and when I get my mitts on one my very next decision will be which kidney to sell to afford it. But, right now, I don’t want one because I don’t know what it’s for.

Martin Flavin
Creative Director


Image Source – Wikimedia – bit.ly/1tnn62J