Producers – Graduate Level


At Five by Five we’re all about big beautiful ideas that can live anywhere and deliver brilliant results for clients such as New Look, Gap, and Activision. Of course, coming up with the idea is one thing, delivering it is something else entirely. And that’s where our Producers come in.
We’re looking for ambitious graduates to join our team. You’ll be scoping and delivering projects across digital and offline channels, working closely with our creative and tech teams and building client relationships. You’ll need to keep a cool head when the heat’s on, bring flawless organisational skills and be able to gain instant credibility with clients. If it sounds like we’re after the moon on a stick, it’s because our Producers deliver that for our clients every single day.
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Marketing Coordinator


What we do:
We love launches.
A launch is one of the most stressful, exciting, fun and satisfying things you can do in marketing. There’s a lot on the line; money, reputation, credibility, share price and it has be perfect. No second chances. So, over the years we’ve perfected our approach. We know the idea has to be disruptive, the metrics rock solid and the execution perfect. They’re our first love, they’re what we’re built to do. Launches are the one thing we believe we do better than anyone else.

The Marketing Coordinator Role:
We create compelling marketing campaigns for clients such as CooperVision, New Look, adidas and the Activision Call of Duty series. But, what about promoting ourselves? Part of our Business Development team, you’ll support the development of new business opportunities, make sure that our CRM database is maintained, help manage our presence in social media and update our website and other digital outposts with case studies and blog posts. You’ll also stay on top of industry developments to ensure that we never miss a trick.
Who we are looking for:
> A marketing degree or experience in a marketing agency
> Proven project management skills
> Knowledge of CRM systems
> Ability to navigate your way around different social media will all be essential.
We make our clients unstoppable launch machines. Come and help us and start by sending your CV to



Strategic Planner


Five by Five believes that great ideas start with stunning insight and brilliant strategy. That’s why you’ll find our planners at the centre of everything we do around here. Our work spans a number of sectors and demographics, from youth consumer brands such as Adidas Toiletries, New Look and Activision (Call of Duty, Destiny, Skylanders) through to  B2B / B2C healthcare clients such as CooperVision.

 You’ll inspire our teams to create exceptional ideas and great work through innovative brand and product insights and embed an ideas-lead culture with customer intimacy at its heart. Essentially, you’ll be half-thinker and half-doer. As confident at interrogating data and brainstorming as you are skilled at developing strategies and positioning. Whilst a proven planning track record in an integrated agency is beneficial, our priority is to recruit someone with the right strategic nous, so all relevant strategic experience will be considered.

If this is you, then please get in touch with


Web (Front End) Developer


At Five by Five, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting, exciting and challenging projects, from large, content-managed, international websites to engaging social apps and mashups with bespoke functionality for the likes of Activision, Gap and Adidas.

We’re looking for a talented Web Developer to join the Tech Team with demonstrable experience of writing robust, high quality, cross browser CSS and JavaScript code, and basic to moderate PHP programming.

You’ll have proven experience writing:

  • Cross browser CSS to achieve complex designs.
  • Native JavaScript code from scratch and experience of, but not reliant on, object-oriented JavaScript frameworks (YUI3, Prototype, etc.)
  • Clean, semantic markup, adhering to SEO best practice, use of HTML5 where appropriate.
  • Accessible applications using progressive enhancement and graceful degradation techniques.
  • Basic PHP scripts and using PHP frameworks, working with databases etc to build the full application.


For bonus points, you’ll have experience with:

  • HTML5 apis e.g. local storage, push state, geolocation.
  • CSS3 animations, transitions etc.
  • Canvas and SVG.
  • SASS, Compass.
  • Responsive design.
  • Mobile website development.
  • Writing your own reusable libraries and sharing them with the community.
  • Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns.
  • Consuming APIs, especially Facebook.
  • Version control systems like Git and Subversion.
  • Phonegap or Appcelerator Titanium.
  • Writing simple PHP code in the presentation tier and perhaps the whole LAMP stack.
  • Automated testing and documentation tools.
  • CakePHP Framework.
  • Experience of PHP5.3+ features.
  • Basic Linux server and Apache administration.


If you would like to apply, or want any more information, please get in touch with

Rich Media Developer


A proven background in developing rich media adverts and expandables, experience of MediaMind and DoubleClick and a substantial understanding of AS2/AS3 coding. If this sounds like you, then we’ve got the perfect place for you to push some serious boundaries.

Here at Five by Five we produce groundbreaking, jaw-dropping digital campaigns for international names such as Activision, Bungie and Ubisoft. It’ll be up to you to develop rich media online advertising creative formats to spec, primarily in Flash, and for multiple languages in a broad range of formats and content types. This will include animation, video, data capture, dynamic content and user interaction across desktop, mobile and out of home advertising placements.

Along with the above, you’ll need solid animation skills, a sound grasp of video-editing apps and a strong knowledge of After Effects, Premiere and video encoders. All of which will be demonstrated in an impressive online portfolio. A top class commitment to getting every campaign up-and-running on schedule will also be essential.

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