3:12PM December 13 2011

Mapping the great indoors

Having mapped most of our streets, Google is now making inroads into mapping the great indoors, namely the world’s shopping malls and airports. Keen to strengthen the consumer’s attachment to their Android phones, Google is also cleverly paving the way for the handsets to replace cash and credit cards as digital wallets.

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3:17PM November 14 2011

Fashion retailers put their best foot forward when it comes to smartphone shopping

According to fashion blogger Rina Hansen, recent Forrester research has found that fashion consumers are amongst the top users of smartphones and now have an expectation to be able to interact with their favourite brands on the go (we’re searching for the original Forrester report to share and will update this post as soon as we find it). According to the report 15% of fashion ecommerce will happen via a mobile phone in 2013, and so retailers keen to capitalise on this boom need to consider its ability to offer a seamless, engaging mobile site. Topshop’s recent news that they have seen a higher proportion of sales via mobile phone than the industry average for retailers echoes this statement. The high street retailer has seen its mobile sales grow by three to four times this year, with eight per cent of all of its online sales coming through mobile channels.

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11:50AM October 10 2011

Augmented Reality: Are we there yet?

Augmented Reality has been touted as the next big thing ever since the last next big thing came and went. As a concept it’s magical; make something digital appear as if it’s in the real world on your PC screen, your tablet, or Smartphone. And with all the statistics pointing towards increased Smartphone penetration, and a more social and mobile audience, AR should be ready to explode. In the interests of full disclosure, we should reveal that we recently ran an advertising campaign for Dynamo: Magician Impossible that incorporated an AR app and some print advertising that did lovely sparkly stuff when you pointed your phone at it. All with pretty good results, so we’re fans of AR. But it hasn’t taken over the world yet. Here are a few things we believe need to be overcome before it does:

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