2:03PM June 25 2012

Creative storytelling and split narratives brought to live with tech

Developments in tech such as augmented reality, 3D and facial recognition have allowed creative’s to explore split narratives for storytelling campaigns.  A split narrative is a story told from two different perspectives – so you can develop a piece of creative for a brand that targets two audiences at the same time or even turn a physical environment which tells its own story into a different environment virtually that tells another.

In New Zealand the Pedigree Adoption Drive’s latest campaign merged split narrative storytelling with an innovative spin on the optical science behind 3-D technology to raise funds and awareness for abandoned dogs. Moviegoers at select theatres in Auckland were asked to choose either free red glasses or yellow glasses for a small donation.

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11:50AM October 10 2011

Augmented Reality: Are we there yet?

Augmented Reality has been touted as the next big thing ever since the last next big thing came and went. As a concept it’s magical; make something digital appear as if it’s in the real world on your PC screen, your tablet, or Smartphone. And with all the statistics pointing towards increased Smartphone penetration, and a more social and mobile audience, AR should be ready to explode. In the interests of full disclosure, we should reveal that we recently ran an advertising campaign for Dynamo: Magician Impossible that incorporated an AR app and some print advertising that did lovely sparkly stuff when you pointed your phone at it. All with pretty good results, so we’re fans of AR. But it hasn’t taken over the world yet. Here are a few things we believe need to be overcome before it does:

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3:50PM July 6 2011

Dynamo: Magician Impossible


Dynamo: Magician Impossible starts on Thursday 7th July, at 9pm on Watch.

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