5:19PM November 8 2013

Call of Duty UK Launch Event 2013

On Monday evening Call of Duty Ghosts launched in the UK, with a party at the Indigo O2. Over 900 celebrities, fans and community influencers celebrated as they became amongst the first people in the UK to play the new game.

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3:50PM November 4 2013

Call of Duty Launch 2013

It’s Call of Duty time again and this year as part of the launch event, we’ve designed and built this microsite: www.callofdutytime.com.

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11:27AM August 15 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops II Multiplayer launch at Gamescom

It’s a big week for games fans, as Gamescom, the largest video game show in Europe opens in Cologne, with over a quarter of a million visitors expected, including our own Jamie Hewett, who’ll be behind the scenes, producing the World Premiere livestream of Call of Duty Black Ops II Multiplayer. The game launches on 13 November, and this year, publisher Activision wanted to give fans a taste of what’s to come as early as possible.

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4:01PM March 23 2012

The IVCA Awards

The IVCA awards are on tonight and the European Launch of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 has been nominated in Best Digital Communications.

We put a lot of hard work into this campaign (along with our fantastic production partner Media Kinetic) so it’s great to get recognition. Fingers crossed – we’re up against some tough competition!