4:39PM December 12 2013

How to survive Christmas if you’re not Amazon

Today I officially started Christmas shopping. And by that I don’t mean hauling myself off to a shopping centre, I mean Googling and Amazoning and price comparing and weighing up the inconvenience of click and collect over a delivery charge. We’re all doing it. And forget shopping on a desktop; this year UK shoppers are expected to spend £2.9bn using tablets and smartphones in December alone – that’s double what we spent on mobile devices in December 2012. Click and collect services also grew by 40% last year. It seems we’ll do anything to avoid walking into a shop.

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6:08PM December 18 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

We’ll be closing for Christmas from 5.30pm on Friday 21st December and will be off to eat many more mince pies, chocolates and turkeys (hopefully not in that order)!

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3:16PM November 30 2012


Do you remember the Christmas when you wanted one toy more than anything in the world?

It could have been the Millennium Falcon, Big Trak, the Atari 2600 or the Sylvanian Families Hotel. Whatever it was, what really matters is that it wasn’t there!

Santa, the big cuddly friendly man, with the bushy white beard and the red suit who made children’s dreams come true, had done quite the opposite.

He had forgotten your present. And broken your heart.

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1:29PM November 15 2011

John Lewis – a tale of two Christmasses

No doubt a lot of you’ve seen the lovely new John Lewis Christmas advert. At first glance it seems to follow the same formula as the last one, Christmassy imagery, simple message and acoustic cover of a classic track.

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