5:02PM February 22 2013

Navigating the minefield of the Modern Web

Designing and developing good interaction for the modern web has become a lot more challenging in the last few years. Recently this has been highlighted with the introduction of Google’s excellent looking new Pixel laptop and Microsoft’s Windows 8.

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3:47PM November 8 2012

COD: Countdown and Care Packages

In the few weeks leading up to the Call of Duty games launch, we produce upwards of 1000 ad placements. The Flash developers, Designers and the Activision Producer team are pushed to the limit, working crazy hours to ensure the ads go live on time, and in the right place.

Morale is the glue that holds the three teams together (boosted by some late night fast food) but this year, Flash Developer Alec took things a step further. On Monday morning (with 181 hours to go) Alec sent an email, defining the teams and the task at hand.

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10:23AM August 2 2011

Sort out the groceries on your commute: Tesco/Home Plus South Korea

The inappropriate use of QR codes, in my humble opinion, has greatly undermined their value. They have become a bit of a laughing stock – but they should actually be a marketeers best mate! People seem to get hung up on debating whether or not QR codes are a good or bad thing, when what’s important is the customer experience that QR codes enable.As an example here’s an awesome way that they are being used in customer experience/service design:

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2:58PM August 1 2011

The Web Designers’ Manifesto

OK, this one’s for all you Photoshop perfectionists, I know you’re out there and you feel my pain! Throughout my career there has always been the age old tension between designers and developers when it comes to providing Photoshop files which anyone can use. It can cause a lot of heartache and even the odd hissy fit if you don’t have it nailed down. Over the years, I’ve worked closely with developers to ensure a seamless hand over of files. Cohesive working process = a very happy team, the developer can work with the files provided and the designer doesn’t have to constantly explain where things are.

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