5:19PM November 8 2013

Call of Duty UK Launch Event 2013

On Monday evening Call of Duty Ghosts launched in the UK, with a party at the Indigo O2. Over 900 celebrities, fans and community influencers celebrated as they became amongst the first people in the UK to play the new game.

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3:50PM November 4 2013

Call of Duty Launch 2013

It’s Call of Duty time again and this year as part of the launch event, we’ve designed and built this microsite: www.callofdutytime.com.

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4:59PM June 3 2013

Badger makes life outside a richer experience

Hall & Woodhouse is an award-winning, Dorset-based brewer that owns and runs over 250 pubs in the UK and is the home of Badger Ales. 

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5:27PM December 7 2012

Tackling always on content

Always On is a word on many a marketer’s mind and a topic we’ve been keen on this year, so we thought it would be worth debate at a recent Marketing Magazine Roundtable.

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