5:14PM September 4 2013

The ‘Wham, Bam, Thank-You Brand’ days are over

Up until recently, it was all nice and predictable; you had telly, radio, newspapers and billboards. When an entertainment brand had something it wanted to flog me, I’d be treated to a lavish advertising campaign, then it would disappear in the morning before breakfast…until the next time. A bit seedy, but I loved it.

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12:05PM April 25 2013

Smartphone and Tablet Penetration

Smartphone and tablet penetration is increasing rapidly, and ad spend is following this trend. A recent Ad Age article highlights just how quickly the pace has changed in the last few months.

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12:34PM March 15 2013

Chessington World of Adventures Resort launches ZUFARI: Ride into Africa mobile app

To coincide with the launch of ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!, a 22-acre off-road safari truck expedition that brings theme park adventure and live safari animals together for the first time, we’ve been working with Chessington World of Adventures Resort on its first mobile app, so families can learn, play, explore and win a prize all through one app.

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5:27PM December 7 2012

Tackling always on content

Always On is a word on many a marketer’s mind and a topic we’ve been keen on this year, so we thought it would be worth debate at a recent Marketing Magazine Roundtable.

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