10:54AM December 2 2011

Saying goodbye to the Mo

30 days ago a small team of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas embarked on a mission, along with millions of others across the globe, to change the face of men’s health by taking part in Movember.

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5:02PM November 30 2011

The Newbie

Stepping into the social office 2 months ago, I was both extremely excited and nervous (if not a little overdressed) to begin my career with Five by Five. Welcomed straight into the team, before my first day I had already been invited out to two lunches to meet everyone (one was even in my honour)!

Having never worked in an agency beforehand, I had been warned of negative agency stereotypes but I’m still waiting to find them here. Instead, I frequently come across many moustached men (support our Movember-ers)!

My day-to-day duties include a lot of community management and online moderation. I also construct editorial content for projects and write and seed media alerts. Two weeks into the role my manager revealed my new office nickname, ‘Show me the Mahony’ – which is what I like to think I’m now helping our clients do. I love the way the different departments work together to set projects in motion.

Getting stuck into my workload was great, everyone in the social team is extremely friendly and helpful and working on the Modern Warfare 3 launch was a brilliant experience. In the weeks leading up to, and after the launch, reminders of the game could be seen on posters everywhere – a nerve-wrecking sight beforehand, but hugely rewarding afterwards.

The launch night itself was a privilege to partake in. Following months of preparation, the night was a great success. My job was moderating the online content and commentary alongside Sam Hilary from our sister agency Headstream, who tended to tweeting.

The clients I work with are brilliant – I have an excuse to watch programmes and games I may not have tapped into before and come up with editorial content based around the tone and audience of the media. One project I’m currently working on is the launch of US Drama ‘Suits’, on Dave. I’ll try not to go into promo-mode, but it’s a fantastic comedy/drama about a high flying law practise in New York. Of course the fact that many of the male characters are attractive suit-wearing types contributes to its appeal, but only slightly – it’s extremely quick-witted and addictive.

I’ve really enjoyed my first couple of months here – I really do learn something every day, whether it’s a hobby of a member of staff or exclusive behind the scenes info of projects I’m working on. No two days are the same, and I love working in such an ever-changing environment.

9:56AM November 1 2011

Movember has arrived

Movember has arrived and a soon to be hairy band of brothers are growing ‘tasches in support of cancer research. We’ll post the final results, of course, but show your support for Danny, Al, Martin, Tom, both Nicks and both Richs, George, and Gemma and I – the Mo-Sistas – by donating at our Mo-Space page.