2:48PM June 18 2013

How do I make my content ‘go viral’?

We’ve long been used to visual content being an essential tool in a brands’ quest to become an important part of our world. Historically TV advertising has been the vehicle of choice for successful, affluent brands to promote their latest technological innovation, creating demand through beautiful aesthetics or compelling functional benefits or merely the mythical ‘cool factor’ that persuades consumers to make a product part of their world.

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2:50PM April 29 2013

What does FMCG really mean in today’s multi-screen era?

Fast Moving Consumer Goods: sold “quickly”, regularly and at a relatively low cost. Having worked in the marcomms business for over 12 years, in the discipline of creating meaningful “bridges” between brands and consumers, I have always disliked the term…

The fact is that FMCGs are the brands most integral in our daily lives. Think about what you do every day and which brands you use most frequently, and I promise 8 out of 10 will be FMCG ones.

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12:02PM January 28 2013

Do Travel Brands Need to Be ‘Always On’?

The fragmentation of media over the past few decades has been well documented. It used to be relatively straightforward for mainstream advertisers: make a TV ad, put it on ITV and reach almost half of the population with your message – easy.

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3:17PM August 9 2012

What is a brand?

We held a really stimulating session as part of the MAA’s Marketing 4 StartUp Britain Week and during the conversation, I found myself needing to convey what a brand actually is. I am not going to use any of the many “official” marketing terms and definitions here; and there are quite a few out there. I am, however, going to try and describe my personal view of what a brand should be, the culmination of my own experience, logic, and emotion. Fundamentally, we need to start with the consumer.

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