10:50AM October 25 2013

Converged media: breakfast briefing

We’ve just held our latest Breakfast Briefing exploring ‘converged media’ because there is no superior tool or medium anymore.

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11:49AM October 17 2013

Croissants, coffee and converged media

We’ll be exploring the converged media landscape at our next breakfast briefing in Southampton on 25th October – if you’d like to come along RSVP melanie.clarke@fivebyfiveuk.com

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5:14PM September 4 2013

The ‘Wham, Bam, Thank-You Brand’ days are over

Up until recently, it was all nice and predictable; you had telly, radio, newspapers and billboards. When an entertainment brand had something it wanted to flog me, I’d be treated to a lavish advertising campaign, then it would disappear in the morning before breakfast…until the next time. A bit seedy, but I loved it.

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2:48PM June 18 2013

How do I make my content ‘go viral’?

We’ve long been used to visual content being an essential tool in a brands’ quest to become an important part of our world. Historically TV advertising has been the vehicle of choice for successful, affluent brands to promote their latest technological innovation, creating demand through beautiful aesthetics or compelling functional benefits or merely the mythical ‘cool factor’ that persuades consumers to make a product part of their world.

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