11:43AM July 7 2014

Breakfast Briefing – Has marketing forgotten about the customer?

Many predictions for the future of marketing have centred around the movement to customer-centricity: customer experience, customer outcomes, customer data enabling ‘micro-targeting’; it’s a hot topic.

In our latest Breakfast Briefing our Strategy Director Pete Edwards sought to answer the question: if our marketing is to become more customer-centric, where is it at the moment? Have we forgotten the most important person, the customer?

Check out the slides below.

10:50AM October 25 2013

Converged media: breakfast briefing

We’ve just held our latest Breakfast Briefing exploring ‘converged media’ because there is no superior tool or medium anymore.

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11:49AM October 17 2013

Croissants, coffee and converged media

We’ll be exploring the converged media landscape at our next breakfast briefing in Southampton on 25th October – if you’d like to come along RSVP melanie.clarke@fivebyfiveuk.com

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5:14PM September 4 2013

The ‘Wham, Bam, Thank-You Brand’ days are over

Up until recently, it was all nice and predictable; you had telly, radio, newspapers and billboards. When an entertainment brand had something it wanted to flog me, I’d be treated to a lavish advertising campaign, then it would disappear in the morning before breakfast…until the next time. A bit seedy, but I loved it.

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