9:46AM July 24 2013

Show versus Tell

Here at Five by Five we talk about worlds. Consumers’ worlds are cluttered and full of the things they love. We try to figure out how we can make our clients’ brands a credible part.

When considering this communications approach, I often think of what brands and products are part of my world and how they got there. Take my favourite gadgets; at the moment I love my Contour Roam video camera and my Garmin Forerunner 910XT watch.

For me there is an initial gate that technology products need to pass through to make it onto my shopping ‘long list’: Does it do something cool or does it make my life easier?

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3:11PM July 22 2013

Step off the street(view) and come on in

Looking for ideas to drive footfall or create a better sense of a place online?

Inspired after attending one of Google’s Creative Lab Days, our developer team has been playing with some Google technologies. By linking a real Google Streetview panorama into a custom streetview, now anyone can step off Grosvenor Square and ‘visit’ our head office in Southampton. View full story

2:50PM April 29 2013

What does FMCG really mean in today’s multi-screen era?

Fast Moving Consumer Goods: sold “quickly”, regularly and at a relatively low cost. Having worked in the marcomms business for over 12 years, in the discipline of creating meaningful “bridges” between brands and consumers, I have always disliked the term…

The fact is that FMCGs are the brands most integral in our daily lives. Think about what you do every day and which brands you use most frequently, and I promise 8 out of 10 will be FMCG ones.

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