12:02PM January 28 2013

Do Travel Brands Need to Be ‘Always On’?

The fragmentation of media over the past few decades has been well documented. It used to be relatively straightforward for mainstream advertisers: make a TV ad, put it on ITV and reach almost half of the population with your message – easy.

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2:11PM July 2 2012

Extending and complementing the good old-fashioned TV commercial

There is nothing more compelling than a well produced TV commercial.

It’s a hard fact to argue as most of the highest viewed and shared videos on the web are commercials. I’m thinking about VW’s The Force, Cadbury’s Gorilla, the Evian Roller Babies, The Guardian’s 3 Little Pigs – all TV commercials that have achieved global word-of-mouth activity. Their success is down to persuasive storytelling, which taps into our emotions and is what great marketing is all about. More recently, brands have been looking at ways to extend the 30-second or 1-minute spot, and we now have the technology available to enable more immersive cross-platform storytelling.

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3:42PM April 17 2012

Creating a living portrait with Eden

It’s back on our screens – landmark documentary Human Planet has started on Eden and they want to reignite viewers’ passion for the BAFTA Award-winning series.

The great news is, Eden’s got lots of great additional content to share, including photos, videos, and behind the scenes clips, so we created a Facebook application to visualise the content.

The App acts as a giant canvas for visitors to navigate around, pulling in tweets, pictures and posts related to the show. Images and tweets pop out of the canvas when hovered over, and can be shared. Fans can also add images and posts that show their human planet by tweeting #HumanPlanetOnEden.

We’ve also been busy letting photography, culture and travel bloggers know about the App, not to mention Eden’s competition for a viewer to win a trip to Bacelona and join Human Planet photographer, Timothy Allen at La Merca Festival – the city’s major annual festival.

5:56PM November 11 2011

Youth Marketing? It’s just like Adult Marketing in many ways

A few of us attended Haymarket’s Youth Marketing conference yesterday. It was really interesting to attend an event focused on a demographic that most of us in the room hadn’t been a part of for at least a few years.

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