11:27AM June 14 2013

Visual content: breakfast briefing

Five by Five’s Head of Innovation Tom Chapman spoke at a breakfast event this morning. The topic was visual content – why it matters and how brands can use it to connect.

3:16PM November 30 2012


Do you remember the Christmas when you wanted one toy more than anything in the world?

It could have been the Millennium Falcon, Big Trak, the Atari 2600 or the Sylvanian Families Hotel. Whatever it was, what really matters is that it wasn’t there!

Santa, the big cuddly friendly man, with the bushy white beard and the red suit who made children’s dreams come true, had done quite the opposite.

He had forgotten your present. And broken your heart.

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12:15PM November 13 2012

Fans play Black Ops II on Twitter

The latest installation of Call of Duty launched at midnight. We’ve been working with publisher Activision on Black Ops II pre-launch activity for a few months, from a livestreamed multiplayer launch to online media activity across Europe.

Apart from being set in the future, the game has a few new features that we wanted to let fans to know about, so we launched a game on Twitter last week to demonstrate what’s new. Yes, we created a game to tell everyone more about a game. View full story