3:19PM July 5 2012

Dynamo: Magician Impossible magics up new app for series return


The second series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible is returning exclusively to Watch tonight. A new show needs a new app, so we’ve worked with Watch to find a way to take viewers’ dual screen experience even further.


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12:11PM February 1 2012

Alcatraz Screening

So, a few weeks ago, Martina and Hannah from the Social team here at Five by Five were lucky enough to attend the exclusive screening of new, JJ Abrams series ‘Alcatraz’. Typical of JJ Abrams the show is a about keeping the viewer guessing and is based around the inmates of the world’s most notorious prison. Here’s their low down of the event from inviting key journalists and influencers to the end of the evening:

Prior to the screening of Alcatraz much work had gone into identifying the key influencers and JJ Abrams fans in the blogosphere. Hardly short of dedicated followers, we invited some of them along to the screening.

Due to the success of JJ Abrams’ previous work (Lost, Star Trek, Super 8), anticipation and expectations are high for Watch’s biggest acquisitions of 2012. Having researched the history of San Fransisco’s most infamous prison for quite some time we were anxious to see how Abrams introduced the key characters – particularly the mysterious Emerson Hauser played by the fabulous Sam Neil…

The exclusive screening took place at the Courthouse Doubletree Hotel in London. As the name suggests, the hotel is situated within an old Magistrates Court where a number of famous names have been convicted; Mick Jagger, John Lennon and Jonny Rotten to name but a few.  From the outside, the hotel looked beautiful and charming with glistening fairy lights. Inside, the atmosphere was totally different. The hotel has retained much of its original features, including the original jail-cells, so it was the perfect setting for the new chilling drama.

Armed with salted popcorn and a head full of Alcatraz trailers, the pilot was better than we could have predicted. In true Abrams style the last 5 minutes of the first episode completely took me, and the audience by surprise.

The excitement following the screening couldn’t have been more fitting. We spend the rest of the evening discussing the show, and everyone is dying to see the next episode.  The show airs on Watch from March 13.

5:56PM November 11 2011

Youth Marketing? It’s just like Adult Marketing in many ways

A few of us attended Haymarket’s Youth Marketing conference yesterday. It was really interesting to attend an event focused on a demographic that most of us in the room hadn’t been a part of for at least a few years.

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1:32PM September 1 2011

Dynamo: Magician Impossible – a content-focused approach

Now that the phenomenally successful Dynamo: Magician Impossible has come to an end on Watch, we’ve had some time to reflect on the journey we went through planning the campaign to support it.

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